Our Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Headteacher                                     Miss P Malcolm

Deputy Headteacher                         Mrs L Dewhurst-Doyle



Teaching Staff

Y6 Teachers                                   Mrs Wallis (SLT), Mr Maddock

Y5 Teachers                                   Mrs Southall, Ms Kartha & Mrs Walters

Y4 Teachers                                   Mrs Malone, Miss H Jones

Y3 Teachers                                   Miss E Jones, Miss Holmes

Y2 Teachers                                   Miss Davey & Mrs L Dewhurst-Doyle, Miss Johnson

Y1 Teachers                                   Mrs Bainbridge, Mrs Gardiner (maternity leave for Miss Towey)

Reception (F2)                               Mrs Meehan (SLT), Miss Kiffin

Nursery (F2)                                   Mrs Long, Miss Collins

PPA                                                 Mrs Coles


Teaching Assistants

Mr Chesworth, Mrs Joinson

Mrs James, Mrs Rolfe 

Mrs Osbourne, Mrs Hodkinson

Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Ibrahim

Mrs Brookes, Mrs Coogan

Miss Swanick

Mrs Campbell


Peripatetic Music Teacher                Miss H Jones

TA/PE                                               Mr Burkey



Lingham's Little Lions - 2 year olds

Manager                                            Mrs Parry

Childcare workers                              Mrs Painter


Admin Team

School Business Manager                  Mrs B Fromson

Administrators                                     Mrs Poland, Mrs Howe, Mrs Hannon


Family Liaison

& Attendance Co-ordinator                   Mrs Smith

SENCo                                                 Mrs Blamey


Site Team

Mr Dudley                               Caretaker

Mr Thompson                         Caretaker


Declaration Of Interest - Staff:

Miss H Jones - Music teacher with Edsential, self employed yoga teacher




MESSAGES - We are really looking forward to safely welcoming our pupils back to school on Thursday 3rd September. Good luck to our past pupils starting at their secondary schools this week and next - MESSAGES