Foundation 1 (3/4 year olds) 2018 - 2019



Hello and welcome to Foundation One!


We have three members of staff in our class:


Mrs Keogh - Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)

Mrs Long - Class Teacher (Thursday & Friday)

Mrs Campbell - Teaching Assistant (Monday - Friday)



Our morning session runs from 8:45-11:45

Our afternoon session runs from 12:30-3:30








A huge, warm welcome back to all of our children and parents, for the start of the school year 2018!


Whether you are returning to school or you have recently started with us, we are looking forward to sharing with you, all of the exciting things we have planned for this term.


Be assured that we will involve and update parents and guardians in all aspects of our learning, when possible.



Just a few friendly reminders for this term:


  • Please remember to send a drinking bottle in with your child every day (water only please)!


  • A bag containing spare underwear and a set of clothes is really helpful to have on their peg, in case of any accidents (we also like to get very messy in Foundation 1)! These bags can stay in school, they don't need to go home every day.


  • We are currently in the process of updating our family tree. We would be very grateful if you could send in a picture of your family, so that we can add it to our display in the classroom. This is particularly relevant for our new children who have recently joined us in September. If your child has been with us previously and you sent in a photograph during the last school year, we will still have it on display.


  • Our second Literacy focus for this term is 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. If you can, please familiarise your child with this particular story. If you require a copy of the story, please speak to a member of staff on the door and we will be happy to provide you with this.






Week Commencing 8/10/18



This week, Goldilocks and the Three Bears came to visit our classroom. The children absolutely loved reading this story and many decided to take on the role of a character, performing their own versions for us and their friends.


They particularly enjoyed feeding the bears their porridge, however, a lot of it ended up on our classroom floor! Many of the children made some fantastic masks of the bears, which are currently on display in the classroom. We will be sure to send them home before the end of this first half term.


The best thing about this Literacy focus has definitely been just how much it has inspired the children to make marks and write. They have drawn and labelled pictures of Goldilocks, the Bears' and different props and settings from the story, which has been absolutely fantastic to see.


We have also been embracing the changes that Autumn brings, with our investigation table. Using magnifying glasses and our senses to explore all of the things that can be found outside at this time of year.



Week Commencing 1/10/18



The children have settled in beautifully and it is wonderful to see them coming into school happy and ready to learn!


This week, spiders have taken over our classroom and we have had lots of fun counting them, drawing them and even making them, using lots of different materials.


After learning the Nursery Rhyme 'Little Miss Muffet', the children were encouraged to put their own twist on the story and come up with a new character, who creeps up beside Miss Muffet and frightens her away! The children were very imaginative and came up with some fantastic ideas including a tyrannosaurus rex, a caterpillar and even a butterfly. The children decided that if a butterfly came to sit beside Miss Muffet, she wouldn't run away as they are 'so lovely and beautiful'!


We have also been searching for shapes in our environment and using different materials and resources, to create our own.


Please take a look at our pictures at the top of the page, to see some of the amazing and creative ideas the children came up with.




Week Commencing 24/9/18



The windy weather seems to have passed and so that has meant we have been able to spend lots of time outside this week, much to the children's pleasure!


Music has played a big part in our learning this week, whether it be using our super listening skills to discover new instruments and the sounds they make, or listening to music that the children are familiar with and allowing them to dance, move or sing along.


The children wanted to perform a show, "like when our grown ups came to watch" and so we used the construction blocks to create a stage. The children absolutely thrived off this and spent lots of time 'performing' or sitting in the 'audience' encouraging their friends.


Be sure to take a look at the fun we had; performing, break dancing, cheerleading, singing and (most importantly) 'flossing'!




Week Commencing 17/9/18



The blustery winds and stormy weather have meant that we haven't been able to spend much time outside this week, which is a shame as the children love exploring the outdoor area.


However, this meant we could go on a little adventure into the 'big' school!


The children walked all the way to the small gym, holding hands with their partners, creeping really quietly like mice, so as not to disturb the 'big' children working in their classrooms.


They were so sensible and were rewarded with a chance to use the soft play equipment in the gym. Lots of the children were able to take their shoes off and put them back on again, all by themselves! They ran, jumped, rolled and dived and still had some energy left over by the time we got back to the classroom!


Be sure to have a look at our pictures at the top of the page, to see just how much fun the children had!








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