Governor Information 

Name Governor Capacity Term of Office Committee Membership
D Lawrence Staff Governor 31/8/2020 Premises, H & S Committee
J Kelly Parent Governor 14/3/2020 Finance, HR Committee
D Jacobs Parent Governor 2023 Curriculum Committee
C Jones LA Appointed (Chair) 31/8/2022 Finance, HR Committee
B Berry LA Appointed 29/9/2021 Curriculum, Premises, H&S Committee
P Malcolm Headteacher Term of Appt All Committees
P Rolfe Community (Vice Chair) 11/11/2022 Premises, H&S Committee
A Smith Staff Governor 29/9/2021 Finance, HR, Curriculum Committee
A Howe Clerk to Governors Term of Appt Clerk to Governors
B Fromson Associate Governor Term of Appt Finance, HR, Premises, H&S Committee


Declarations of Interest - Governors

C Jones - Governor at Somerville Primary School

P Rolfe - Spouse is employed at Lingham Primary School

MESSAGES - We are really looking forward to safely welcoming our pupils back to school on Thursday 3rd September. Good luck to our past pupils starting at their secondary schools this week and next - MESSAGES