Governor Information 

Name Governor Capacity Term of office Committee Membership
D Lawrence Staff Governor 31/8/2020 Premises, H & S Committee
J Kelly Parent Governor 14/3/2020 Finance, HR Committee
P Cotgrave Parent Governor 26/9/2019 Finance, HR Committee
L Taylor Parent Governor 14/3/2020 Curriculum Committee
C Jones LA Appointed (Chair) 31/8/2022 Finance, HR Committee
B Berry LA Appointed 29/9/2021 Curriculum Committee
P Malcolm Headteacher Term of Appt  
P Rolfe Community (Vice Chair) 11/11/2022 Premises, H&S Committee
A Smith Staff Governor 29/9/2021 Curriculum Committee
A Howe Clerk to Governors Term of Appt  
S Wafer Associate Governor Term of Appt  


Declarations of Interest - Governors

C Jones - Governor at Somerville Primary School

P Rolfe - spouse is employed at Lingham Primary School