Allergies and Illnesses

If your child has an allergy or illness that affects them throughout the school day then please make sure you have informed the class teacher in writing.

There are several protocols that need following in order to ensure that children are taken care of to the best of our ability with regards to any medical conditions.


If your child is  asthmatic and requires the use of an inhaler in school then please make sure you fill in the correct forms and provide an inhaler with a spacer for use in school. The inhaler and spacer wil need to be prescribed for your child and we will need to see the packaging with the prescription attached. They will remain in school in a labelled bag stored in a central area in the classroom.

We only accept blue reliever inhalers. Brown, purole and red inhalers are not permitted in school.

If a child needs to use their inhaler in school this will be recorded and a slip sent home to inform you that it has been administered and what time.

We have an emergency inhaler in school but this can only be used if we have permission to do so. Please make sure you complete and return the emergency inhaler permission form.


If your child has a specific allergy or is anaphylactic then please make sure that you make an appointment to speak to Miss Blake who will arrange a meeting to write an Individual Healthcare Plan that will be shared with staff to ensure your child recieves the correct treatment if they suffer an allergic reaction.

All staff are trained to recognise signs of allergic reactions - both mild and severe and are able to administer prescribed adrenelin via an epipen. Staff know the mergency procedures and what to do in the case of a severe reaction.

We store allergy medication in a labelled box with the child's name, photograph and medical details on, in the school office.

We can only accept medication that is prescribed for your child and that we have a Health Care Plan in place for.

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