Enjoy! Aspire! Achieve! Now and in the future!

Our School Curriculum 2021

Lingham Primary’s Whole School Curriculum


At Lingham Primary, we are committed to ensuring our Whole School Curriculum is fully inclusive and allows every child to achieve their full potential.

We have spent several years crafting a curriculum that relevant, engaging and meets the needs of our learners.  Our curriculum is built around our motto – Enjoy, aspire and achieve, now and in the future!


English and maths

Over the past few years we have carefully constructed our curriculum based on highly regarded and well researched pedagogical approaches, starting with English and Maths. Our staff have benefitted from the highest quality, CPD through nationally accredited sources, to enable them to confidently deliver the consistent teaching approaches we know benefit our children.


We have been part of the ‘Primary Writing Project’ in collaboration with Pie Corbert,  ‘Maths Mastery’ with Deep Learning and more recently with NCTEM Primary Maths Hub’s ‘Embedding Mastery’ programme, and have been part of a DFE Phonics Project with CLPE. These teaching approaches have been thoughtfully adapted to meet the needs of our school community and are non- negotiable in our school. Our continuing external and in-house CPD ensure staff confidently plan and deliver lessons in line with these pedagogies.


For the future of our children, it is vital that they leave their primary education with a secure grasp of reading, writing and maths. To this end, we have clear timetables that enable us to deliver discret English lessons every day. In Foundation stage and ks1 there is also a daily phonics lesson and descrete spelling lessons happen 3 times a week in KS2. Guided or Shared reading is timetabled daily in FS and KS1 and 3 times times weekly in KS2. Whole class shared reading, enjoying books from our reading spine, happens at the end of 4 days every week in line with our reading for pleasure drive. In addition, direct teaching of handwriting is delivered a minimum of 3 times per week.

Please find out more details about our English teaching and curriculum on the English page and the Phonics page below .

In maths all students benefit from a decrete maths lesson every day. A mastery approach is adopted by all year groups from F1 - Year 6 with lessons developing fluency, reasoning and probsem solving each day. In addition, children keep their basic skills sharp with additional maths teaching and practice outside the daily lesson completing 'daily 10', 'Number of the Day' and times tables activities.

Please find out more about the details of our whole school maths curriculum on the Maths page below.


Learning Means the World:  Our skills based and progressive thematic approach to teaching Science, Computing, Histoy, Geography, Art, DT, PSHE and Music

While we recognise the huge importance of English and Mathematical attainment for our students, we are passionate about providing our pupils with a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum. We are committed to providing our pupils with a global curriculum fit for the 21st century that ensures clear progression of concepts, knowledge and skills across all of the foundation subjects in the National Curriculum.

After researching a number of curriculums we decided to adopt Dimensions ‘Learning Means The World’, a curriculum based on cross curricular themes built around 4 world issues: Conservation,  Culture, Conflict and Communication.


We chose this curriculum as it aligns with our values, ethos and vision for our curriculum.


Culture and Conservation


For the past 10 years, we have held the full International School’s Award, as well as being a ‘ School of Sanctuary’ and an Eco School Green Flag holder. With a school population of a predominantly white British pupils, global citizenship and cultural diversity have been central to our learning in school for some time. The ‘Learning Means the World’ curriculum will enable us to continue to support pupils to develop their awareness and appreciation of local, national and global conservation issues and to understand the important role they play in sustainability. It will also allow them to fully embrace cultural diversity, learning about, experiencing and celebrating a range of different cultural and faith heritages.



With one of it's 4 foci being on communication, this curriculum provides lots of opportunities for our pupils to express themselves in discussion, debate and presentation, as well as enabling them to collaborate and exchange ideas.


Confl­ict can be seen as an opportunity for learning about and understanding our differences, and throughout the units, pupils will to learn how to handle disagreements constructively and resolve their differences appropriately.


For the past 2 years we have followed a 'Values Based Curriculum', encompassing British Values, alongside our shared school values, through learning in assemblies, in PSHE and through authentic links and connections with other curriculum areas.

The ‘Learning Means the World’ curriculum places a strong emphasis on teaching these core human values throughout each theme. Our School Values, linked to the 4 world issues are:


Conflict – courage, peace, kindness, responsibility

Conservation – hope, gratitude, optimism, determination

Communication – confidence, truthfulness, resilience, empathy

Culture – respect, tolerance, openness, fairness


Therefore, our commitment to nurturing positive attitudes and values is promoted throughout the  ‘Learning Means The World’ curriculum


The 4 themes are broken down into the following phases:

  • Explorers (Foundation level) 
  • Pathfinders (KS1 level) 
  • Adventurers (Lower KS2 level) 
  • Navigators (Upper KS2)                                     

The curriculum is based on learning pathways which are essential learning traits for today’s learners:

Explorers - Have a go!

* Experimental     * Curious       * Confident      * Co-operative

Pathfinders - Find a Way!

* Innovative         * Decisive     *  Creative       * Independent

Adventurers - Make it happen!

* Brave       * Risk- takers       * Resilient       * Prepared

Navigators - - Lead the way

*Leaders       * Apply Skills      * Overcomers    * Focused

To find out more about how the curriculum is organised, how knowledge and skills are developed and how each subject is evaluated, please visit the individual subject pages below; Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, DT, PSHE and Music.


Other Curriculum Areas

All other curriculum areas ( PE, RE and Languages,)  are reflected through our thematic 'Learning Means the World' Curriculum - Dance elments are particularly well developed through many of the units, and our year 4 pupils study the major world religions through their unit, 'A World of Difference'. However, learning in these curriculum areas is predominantly planned and taught outside of this framework.


PE at Lingham Primary is developed to a high standard. We have invested heavily in high quality CPD from our local Sport's College, Claremount to upskill all of our staff. In addition, we have appointed a 'Sport's Apprentice' to support learning in PE lessons, to help facilitaite active breaks and lunchtimes and personal best challenges, and to offer a wide range of after school clubs, which in turn, lead to high levels of participation in cross school tournaments, festivals and competitions.

All year groups follow the Wirral Scheme of learning. PE is taught discretely every week, in addition to PE lessons as part of the thematic  'Learning Means the World' units. All lessons are skills based and progressive.

Further details on how we structure our PE Curriculum can be found on the PE page below.



RE is taught discretely each week in KS1 and KS2. All lessons are linked to one of the following big ideas: stories and people; celebration and expression of spirituality; lifestyle, rights and responsibilities; beliefs and ideas; ethics and relationships; community and global issues.

Lessons are designed to develop the knowledge and skills outlined in the Wirral Agreed Syllabus and this has been carefully mapped out to ensure that there is clear progression from FS to Year 6. 

As part of our RE curriculum, we aim to give children ‘real-life’ experiences to help them embed knowledge and extend their learning and whenever possible, we provide experiences that foster links with our local community. For example, visiting Moreton Methodist, to learn meet the Christmas Characters. We also have regular assemblies delivered by Reverend Cousins, from our local church.

Each year group uses the Wirral Revised Scheme of Work for Religious Education to ensure that our offer at Lingham Primary meets the needs of the Wirral Agreed Syllabus.

Further details about how we teach RE, and about how we develop both knowledge and skills can be found on the RE page below.



Following thorough research, from September 2020, we will be using 'Laungage Angels' as a comprehensive scheme of learning to deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum programme of study and beyond f or our Key Stage 2 pupils. At Lingham Primary school, we have chosen to foucs on French.

Language Angelsscheme of work will ensure we offer a relevant, broad, vibrant and ambitious foreign languages curriculum that will inspire and excite our pupils using a wide variety of topics and themes. 

The curriculum is progressive in terms of knowledge and skills as well as cultural understanding.

For further details of how we will teach French at our school, please explore the Languages page below.


Mind Up!

New for September 2020, we will be launching MindUP lessons for our whole school.

MindUP is a comprehensive, classroom tested, evidence based curriculum that we will use to deliver 15 lessons each year that foster social and emotianal awareness, enhance psychological well being and promote academic success. Throughout the MindUP journey our pupils will learn about the brain and how it functions, gaining an insight into their own minds and their behaviours, as well as learning to understand others.

In our classrooms we want to promote and develop mindful attention to oneself and others, tolerance of differences and the capacity of each pupil to grow as a human being and a learner.

We will do this through the 15 lessons across the year, but also by developing our 'Core Practice' - deep belly breathing and attentive listening - which will be repeated in every classroom, every day.

We are excited to begin our MindUP journey at Lingham Primary School.....

Find out more about how we will use MindUP by visiting the page below.


Other areas that make up our wider school curriculum can also be explored in the pages below. These include;

Eco Schools

School of Sanctuary

Healthy Schools

Forest Schools 


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