Forest Schools

This year we have started adding even more out of class learning to our curriculum. Throughout the year, all pupils will get to experience our forest area provision, many on a weekly basis. During this time we will be using practical experiences to learn science, design and technology, PSHE, geography and many more areas of the curriculum. 


Monday - year 3 

Tuesday - year 2

Wednesday - F2 (groups of 10 children will come out at a time. All children will get a 6 week block at some point during the year - the Foundation Team will notify you when it is your turn)

                  - year 5/6 (class will switch each half term - Autumn 1 is Mrs Wallis' class. Mr. Maddock's class will begin after autumn half term.)

Thursday - year 1

Friday - year 4


Please ensure that your child has the correct kit on their year group's designated day. We go outside in all weather so please be prepared!

Suitable kit should be old clothes which can get muddy and includes:

a waterproof coat,

wellies/boots/old trainers 

old trousers (not shorts)

long sleeve top


gloves/warm hat

Without appropriate kit, your child may have to miss out on a session and some important learning.

If you have any problems providing this kit, please speak to Miss Lang or Mrs Doyle and we will do our best to find a solution.


MESSAGES - Thank you to all our pupils and their families for your patience and understanding during the current changes. We are communicating via School Spider so please check your e-mails for updates - MESSAGES