At Lingham Primary School we want our curriculum to inspire our pupils and foster a real love of learning. Through our Ecological curriculum we want to inspire pupils' curiosity of the world around them as well as developing their understanding of their place within it. We want to equip pupils to investigate and ask questions about the world, recognise how it changes and understand the impact of their own actions.

With these aims in mind, we have selected an innovative global curriculum called 'Learning Means the World'. Ecology is taught through thematic units.  These cross curricular units cover over 90% of the 2014 National curriculum and the remaining 10% are taught in 'Top Up' weeks.

We are confident that our chosen curriculum provides a high quality Ecological education to enable our pupils to gain coherent knowledge and understanding of physical and human geography both locally and in the wider world. It enables our pupils to understand the complexities of environments, sustainability and the importance  of the role they must play.


For more information about how we teach Ecology at Lingham, please explore the files below.



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