On Thursday 26th May a group of children from year 3, 4, 5 and 6 prepared 25 hot meals and 25 deserts for some of the homeless people living on the streets of The Wirral.


The children had met several times previously to discuss what we could to help homeless people. We talked about how people become homeless and how people judge them.

The children were very astute and knew that becoming homeless was not a choice and was something that could happen to anyone. The children realised that some people thought homeless people were not good people but they said that was wrong as people do not know why they became homelss.

The children then discussed what kind of food would be best and they decided that potatoes or pasta and meat and vegtables would be best as it would be filling. We then listed a variety of meals and took a vote on the ones to cook. Once the decision had been made the children then helped write a letter to inform all the children and parents of Lingham about the food we were making, the ingredients needed and the charity we were supporting.The children then checked the letters for mistakes and sent them home.

We then recieved a huge amount of donations which we are extremely grateful for.

Then came the best part - the cooking.

Helped by Mrs Brace, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Boyd, Miss Swanick, Miss Vormawah, Miss Blake and Miss Stewart, the children set about peeling and chopping the veg, cooking the mince and sausages, adding the peas and sweetcorn, mashing the potato, cooking the crumble, baking the scones and labelling the containers before dishing up the finished products.

The meals were then sealed and delivered by Miss Blake to the ladies from Wirral's Homeless charity ready for distribution.

Cat and Robyn were overwhelmed and wrote a lovely message on Facebook about how impressed and proud they were with what the children had done. 

As staff we were not surprised as the children at Lingham are very special and never fail to impress us.

We will be doing this again and will happily accept any donations next time.

So well done to:

Evie - 3HJ

Libby - 3EJ

Crystal - 4G

James - 4G

Adele - 4G

Isabella - 4G

Michael - 5K

Luke - 5H

Megan - 6M

Georgina - 6W

You should be extremely proud of yourselves!

  • Miss Blake

    EYFS Lead